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Published on July 28th, 2015 | by LickIt


What Is It That Turns Us On So Much About Dildos?

Unfortunately, even in the 21st century a taboo still exists surrounding sex toys and their use in bedroom. Dildos are still seen as something overtly kinky that are only really used by porn stars and people who are wildly adventurous in the bedroom. But in actual fact, and according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine – around 50% of American women own a sex toy.

A large proportion of women are likely using their sex toys alone, often and are used as a secret substitute for penetration rather than an accompaniment. Perhaps because of this taboo, men and women alike often feel as if their partners might be intimidated by the idea of bringing a toy into play during sex.

According to recent studies, men see dildos as an indicator that women understand what they want in bedroom, and know how to pleasure themselves too. Women who own vibrators or plastic-lovers are seen as more open-minded, which is a huge turn on to guys who are looking to experiment and try new things.
In additional, sex cam sites are also beginning to change the stereotype, advocating the role of sex toys in online (and real life) intercourse. Hundreds of men are turning to cam girls to fulfil their dildo fantasies. And using dildos as part of the fantasy of being right there.

Same guys like watching their partners being pleasured or pleasure themselves for a change. Taking a step back and letting your girlfriend or wife use a dildo on herself can be a huge turn on, as you get to watch her take control and see things from an angle you usually don’t see.
Dildos and strap-ons also give men the opportunity to pleasure their women with more than what they naturally own. Some men enjoy using a small toy as a warm up for the real thing, while others like using larger toys on their girlfriends so they can fantasize about the size of their own. As after all, most dildos are larger than the average cock.

Above it all, there’s the fact that your girlfriend will absolutely love it. There’s no bigger turn on for a guy knowing that he’s the one making girlfriend feel absolutely amazing. And there’s no bigger turn on for her than feeling that you’re completely focused on her and her pleasure.
So 50% of American women can’t be wrong – girls love them!

So today, more and more guys are discovering the pleasure of bringing dildos and toys in to play in the bedroom. So if you’re searching for a way to spice up your sex life, or just make your girlfriend feel amazing, sex toys could be the way forward. As couples across the U.S. are coming to realize, sex toys aren’t just something to be used or fantasized about in secret anymore.

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