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Published on April 18th, 2018 | by LickIt


What Makes A Cam Girl Not Great, But Exceptional?

There is no doubt about the fact that cam girls are amazing creatures. These women get on their cams whenever they feel the need to take care of their own bodies and they let you watch it all. Sometimes they are alone and sometimes they are with other men and women. Either way, it is always fun to enjoy. The question, though, is what makes a cam girl great. It should come as no surprise that not every person online has the same number of fans. Some of the girls get tons of people to watch them and some only get a handful.

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First and foremost, it is going to be up to your individual tastes. It may be difficult for you to find someone who caters to your desires. But when you do, you are probably going to stick with them. The cam girl who oils up every single inch of her sexy body before spreading her legs as far as they will go to pleasure herself may be exactly what you are looking for. She will be great in your eyes, but that does not mean she has to be great for everyone else. As long as it works for you, that is all that matters.

Of course, there are things that appeal to wide audiences. As long as the cam girl is willing to do whatever it takes to make her fans happy, she will be one of the greats. She can’t have any hang ups about her body. It all needs to be on display all the time. That is why people have found their way into her room after all. She is there to give a show and she has to enjoy it. No matter how many eyes are on her, if she is not having fun, it is barely worth the time it takes to connect her cam.

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A good video feed is also a must. Some sites offer great cam quality and that is a good draw. No one wants to get a headache when they are trying to relax with a gorgeous woman. It is not fair to her to have her go through all the trouble of making sure everyone is happy, only to be undone by frozen frames or pixelation. It ends a great night really fast. You need a good cam site with the infrastructure to make sure every single person gets what they need out of it. Otherwise, great talent is simply wasted.

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Now we come to the most important aspect of a great cam girl: her attitude. No matter what she has to offer or how hot she is, she needs to be friendly and horny. There is no way around it. No one wants to sit and feel like they are being treated to a predetermined show. It needs to be fun and natural. The girl needs to interact with the people enjoying her and it has to be a good time for everyone. With the proper attitude, anyone can go far in the cam business and enjoy themselves every single day.

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