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8 Mind-Blowing Ways to Help Her Have Orgasms

If you can make her squirt without much effort then you are driving her to the orgasm she is never going to forget. It is something which cannot just happen, but you need to learn how to do it. Here are eight strong tips that will help you learn the art of making your girl squirt right away.

If you wish to make your lady love go gaga on your sexual night, then plan on making her squirt in the climax. You can do everything but still end making her unsatisfied. It is easy for men to attain the desired pleasure, but women are complicated to understand, but they give a lot in return if you are successful in pleasing her.

1. Ask her to relax

If you are on phone sex or a real one, make the environment suitable for her to be relaxed and feel the erotic sensation. You can give her the feel even when on phone sex. Ask her to be relaxed while you share the sexual desires over the phone. Ask her to rub her way in taking her deep into the erotic feeling. Do not let her rush to reach the climax and ask her to wait and hold on to it to increase the fun. Ask her to take all the time she needs to achieve the fun she deserves. Set the mood of your lady love by sharing your wild fantasies and desires.

2. Plan the right position to amaze her

Stimulate the clitoris during your foreplay, which will increase the excitement level in them. Plan on the desired position different than usual and surprise her with it. There is a high chance she will squirt easily and effortlessly if you can excite her beyond limits. Go for intercourse by lying her down with her legs spread and let her enjoy the stimulation.

Try some amazing Sex Positions For Better Stimulation and Stronger Orgasm. Let her squirt in the climax after you are done reaching your orgasm. You will find her enjoying while squirting and fingering. If she squirts say then you deserve an appreciation. You can also lie her down and finger her vagina deep and fast, observing her expressions, making her squirt. It is going to create a great sensation when you do it, and she is just left to enjoy the feel.

3. Focus much on the foreplay

Looking for the environment is done and now focus on preparing your lady love physically and mentally for squirting. It is necessary if you want her to enjoy the pleasure and squirt at the same time. Whisper sweet and naughty things in-ears to make her go wild and aroused. It will help you to tease her to sex, and it is a great way of starting things wild.

Give her a sensational massage by moving your hands through her genitals. If you manage to get her aroused, you are in the game. If she shows no expressions, then you might be going wrong somewhere. Find the right spot in her body to play with that will arouse her hitting the right stimulation. Pay attention to her body, and you will soon know about the right spot that stimulates the sensation.

4. Make her use a good lubricant

Use a good quality lubricant to help both achieve sexual desire. Lubricant is essential to stimulate the sensation of the G-spot. Use lubricants on your fingers and her vagina inside and out. While fingering, she is going to enjoy smooth friction inside her vagina. Curl your finger slightly when inside the vagina, and you might find her G-spot right away. You can try Rabbit vibrator for high and quick lubrication.

After a while, insert a finger to make her enjoy even more. Keep running your fingers in and out and add another finger if necessary until the upper wall of the vagina starts to swell. The swelling is the indication that she is ready for squirting now and reaching the climax. Use the right oil-free from chemicals to enjoy squirting without any side effects. Squirting with oil might bring up the urge for urination, and it is normal.

5. Combine the stimulation of the vagina and clitoris

By figuring out the right sexual position, you can stimulate both clitoris and vagina at once. It is important because the clitoris is not the only place that requires stimulation, but the vagina is also equally sensitive to pay attention to. If you can arouse her hitting the vagina and the clitoris both at a single time, you are going to give her a breathtaking and moaning experience while squirting.
Apply pressure on your lady’s pubic bone and then insert your fingers into her vagina, finding the G-spot. Rest your palm on the clit while you are inside. While you are playing with the G-spot massage the clit with the palm. Move your palm and fingers at the same time, and you are going to make her squirt right away.

6. Do not rush on to the climax

You can bring her to bed, rush things up, and lead her to the climax but do not let it be the case. A girl will only squirt with pleasure if she is satisfied with the love you gave her. Sexual arousal is different in the case of men and women. It is easy for men to achieve satisfaction, but it is not the same for women. So, before you make her squirt, satisfy her by all means possible.

7. Use sex toys

You can also use sex toys to stimulate the sensitivity a little better. Your fingers are more than enough to make her squirt, but a sex toy is going to make her enjoy the feeling. Buy some toys like tongue vibrator from SVAKOM to make her scream and moan while squirting.

8. Massage while you make her squirt

Run your hands over her body while your fingers are inside her vagina. Give a sensual massage to her upper body, and she is going to enjoy the climax even more. Nothing is better than new experiments for achieving mutual satisfaction.

These are few tips which you can follow to make your girl squirt effortlessly and complete satisfaction.

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