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Published on September 13th, 2018 | by LickIt


Watching Skin Diamond Orgasm Is Fucking Orgasmic!

I might talked about this already but damn, when it comes to Skin Diamond my body starts to shiver. And then, when I see Skin Diamond orgasm my brain breaks and my jaw drops. And then, when I see her reach a moaning orgasm for the third time, everything around me stops. When this happens I like to be alone. I don’t want people to distract me or I start punching faces (not really). I just want peace and quiet and some free time spend with myself. I am a simple man, I don’t need much. When I see Skin Diamond orgasm for several times in a span of not even five minutes I start jumping of joy and happiness.
Anyway, I believe I’ve lost control of myself. While some of the above might be true, not all actually is. At least not my part. As for Skin, her special talent of being able to cum quickly is real as fuck. At least that’s what she said.

Nothing can stop me from watching Skin Diamond orgasm!

The fact that this whole short clip of Skin doing herself is black and white, without much editing, makes it 10 times more mesmerizing. I seriously mean that. Keep it simple, they say. Plus, when you get the opportunity to film Skin Diamond, you know your end product will be good and even if you suck at filming. The thing is, Skin is so good at everything it makes you forget about how good or bad the actual quality of the video is. You just want to press the play button, rest your eyes on masturbating Skin Diamond and call it a day.
Watching Skin Diamond orgasm, playing with her own saliva, nearly gagging on mouth-fisting herself and hearing her orgasmic moans is what I call a perfect visual lullaby. The problem with a sexy lullaby like this one is is that no way it will make you sleepy. At least not until it is over. Hey, Skin Diamond naked and fingering herself is so damn appealing you would not want to fall asleep, even if tired AF.

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