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Veronica Rodriguez And Her Fist Yoga Class With Alina Li

Veronica Rodriguez is super excited about the new yoga outfit that just got in her mail. She can not wait for Alina Li to give her her first ever yoga class. She quickly texts Alina and is happy to come over to give this “yoga newbie” her first lesson.

Alina Li came dressed super hot for yoga, all minimalistic, while on the other side, Veronica Rodriguez is not showing that much skin. The lesson starts and we can see that Veronica will be the next level of yoga girl. She is already all stretched and knows what she is doing. Just like this was not her first yoga lesson. Was it or was it not? That is the question.

Rodriguez is a shy girl but it is Alina who is the experienced one. We all like seeing a less and a more experienced girl together, don’t we?

When it is getting hotter and hotter on Veronica’s deck, Li takes of her top fleshes Veronica with her small, natural tits. Veronica giggles but soon Li convinces her and takes her new yoga top off. The yoga lesson continues topless. Not for a long. Alina Li starts pulling down Veronica’s pants. She is the boss, so even if Veronica Rodriguez is not “into it,” she soon finds out she is very into it.

A couple moments later and they are both there on the desk, butt naked, kissing, touching and fingering each other.

If these two are not enjoying it to the fullest, I know there are many of us who do, even if only watching it on our computers. But if you are not enjoying watching this, I think something is wrong with you.

You can never go wrong with small, exotic and petite girls on a desk on a sunny day with a nice city/mountain view. I know, this is almost too sexy, just like it is not real. Maybe it is not?

Few words about Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica is a tiny, 5’1″ tall, beauty hailing from Venezuela, who was born on August 1, 1991. She is twenty-two years old and she got in the business back in 2011. Not even full three years in the adult entertainment industry and she gained a huge amount of thrust-worthy friends. 118k followers on Twitter is a really good proof.

If you feel depressed or sad, I guarantee you this Spanish speaking hottie will make you feel warm and will bring a nice smile on your face.

So, if you haven’t heard for Veronica Rodriguez before, get familiar now, because you are missing a lot.

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