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Veronica Radke Cast By Marissa Mei For Nubiles

What a pleasant surprise on a Sunday morning, seeing this great behind the scenes footage of the casting process at Nubiles. Veronica Radke decided to try it out solo in the adult entertainment business and she picked up Nubiles to work for. Like with every work you need to get the “interview” done first and if they like you you get the job. Just that this “interview” is a little different that we are used to.

OK, they do ask you a few questions, that’s kinda similar to the classic interview. But there is plenty of nudity, masturbating and banging, which of course if far from the classic interview. Let this Veronica Radke porn job interview take for a nice example.

Imagine going to a job interview for a local non-porn company and they tell you to get naked. That would be so crazy and weird. You know what, there should be a little test done to see how people would react. Set up a hidden camera and during the interview, boss will say, “Now get naked, we need to know all your secrets.”

Back to the video now.

Stunning 20 years old Veronica Radke is there only for the solo scenes, but it turned out, she isn’t there only for the solo scenes. She is there also for boy-scenes, but she did not know that until she got there. Actually, she is not there only for boy-girl scenes, she is also there for group scenes.

All four got naked, Marissa Mei behind the camera, the new star Veronica Radke and the couple who fucked Radke. What a great outcome. First you think you will be doing only one thing and then they all convince you and you found yourself doing everything. Interesting, very interesting.

Did Veronica Radke got the job?

Since she did a lot more that she thought she will, she sure got the job if you ask me. Veronica surprised us all.

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