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Published on July 3rd, 2020 | by LickIt


Urban Naked Zones Created In Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany will be from now on a city that is offering something not many cities in the world are offering. They created six urban naked zones where locals and tourists will be able to jump in their naked skin outfit.

These six nude places are located within parks and will not be fenced off or hidden from others. One of the naked zones is only ten minutes away from Munich’s main square.

Everyone passing by will be able to check all the willies and honkers. Germans are mad about nudity and FKK beaches, so no wonder they started making these urban naked zones.

Did you know that Sylt is their first official nude beach and was created in 1920? That tells a lot about Germans. I think it is other countries that are having any issues with nudity, German’s just like to show all their secrets, no matter when and where.

6 urban naked zones are making Munich a city with an extra spark!

Isn’t it cool being in a huge city, with no real nude sea beaches and you can go all nude? This is a great way for you to avoid tan lines and be fully burned, all the time. I find it quite awesome.

There sure will be lots and lots of old farts over there, just like on all those FKK beaches. Or maybe I am wrong?

I am not a supporter of bringing nudity all over the place, but these urban naked zones are a brilliant idea. More cities should have them, they are definitely adding that extra spark to the city.
Think about it.

Do Germans have Naked News? If yes, this will be a great way to ask naked locals questions and make the Naked News as naked as possible. That’s just an idea that came to mi mind right now.

urban naked zones created munich germany
News found on Huffington Post.

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