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Published on May 26th, 2020 | by LickIt


Underwater Sex – Is It Safe To Make Love In Water?

Underwater sex is something that sounds really erotic, really hot and sensual, but is it really that sexy as it is seen in the videos?

We already posted one video that was filmed under the water and if you have not saw it yet, give it a watch.

Now back to the point of this blog post, Is underwater sex safe and good for you?

I knew that it is not the healthiest thing to do, especially for women, but I never got to the bottom of it. Why is it not good? What can happen to you? It is only water, isn’t it?

The thing is, water, let it be lake, river, ocean, pool, all contain bacteria. And bacteria is not all. Water washes away natural lubrication in women body, which sounds ironically, but it actually does. Even if being in the water, that does not mean you will be wetter, completely the opposite, you will be drier and that means more uncomfortable.

Also, using a condom will not solve the problem. Water and condoms do not go together pretty well. It could be better, but still, water washes away lubrication, let it be natural or industrial, and having sex dry means having really unpleasant sex. There is also one more, pretty big, problem if using condoms while having sex underwater. Since water is washing away lubricant it means there will be friction and when there is friction there is a good chance the condom will rip. With ripped condom you will not be protected from pregnancy or STIs. Be careful!

Having sex in the ocean or lake is also a big problem.

There is a lot of sand in the water and on the beach and even if you are as careful as possible all those super tiny sand pieces can end up in your vagina. Not to mention that salt in the ocean and vagina are not the best of friends.

Being dry is the softer side effect of having underwater sex. The bad side of it is the bacteria and chemicals that are in the water. It will not do much harm to men, but it can put women on risk.

Having sex under the water can introduce bacteria into your vagina, which can lead to infections, that you really do not want. This means swollen, red, burning and itchy vulva and do not forget, no sex for a while.

Think twice before having Underwater Sex!

If you still want to try out underwater sex, you can, but have in mind that there can be side effects. And really importantly, do not do it to often and I mean it.

Try having some fun teasing each other in the water and when you will be horny enough, go outside. Have safe sex and do no ruin your vacation on the first day.

Have you ever experienced underwater sex? Feel free to share you adventure with us.

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