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Tyler Nixon And Baby Picking Up Names For Their Child (During Fuck)

The morning is getting in and Tyler Nixon and his Latvian girl, Baby, are slowly waking up to a day that will completely change their lives. They do not know that yet, but they will soon find out. It is Nixon who wakes up the first and heads directly to the kitchen to make breakfast. Everyone likes scrambled eggs, so scrambled eggs they are.

In the meantime, Baby is slowly getting up and she feels something is happening in her body. She does not know what exactly is happening inside her, so she takes the pregnancy test and goes straight to the bathroom. Tyler Nixon noticed she woke up, but he continues with preparing breakfast. And than screams of happiness and joy. Tyler has no idea what is happening, but soon find out Baby is positive.

Yes, she is pregnant.

They are both extremely excited and stoked. They are so excited they are celebrating this incredible news with a nice kitchen fuck.

If it is a girl, Baby sad, her name will be Ema, but it is Julia that Tyler likes more. During their celebration sex they “argue” what name will girl get, but at the end, as gentlemen’s as we men are, Tyler Nixon let Baby win the battle. Their daughter’s name will be Ema. Lovely name Baby picked.

But what if it is a boy?

Is he going to be James, Tom? Find out and the end of this video (or don’t find out – this is the question).

Unfortunately I did not found much about Tyler Nixon. All I can tell you is that he is 24 years old and he loves to surf, snowboard, skate and perform in hardcore pornographic videos. I knew this guy has something to do with skate, surf or snow., but never really searched for it before.

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