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Published on September 25th, 2021 | by LickIt


Exploring The Top Erotic Games For All Couples

Are you working on improving your sex life? If so, you have a bit of work ahead, as there is endless evidence online, reading sexual enhancement.

While much of the evidence is geared toward relationship counseling, Kegel exercising, and mental exploration, you have endless options.

One particular option comes to mind when thinking of sexual enhancement in short- and long-time relationships. This one thing is no other than erotic games.

When couples tire of the same old sex night after night, they can turn to erotic games. These games are not for every couple, but they are for those who are looking for ways to enhance their sexual relationships.

Below, you will discover a list of erotic games for same-sex, male-female, and other types of couples.

Best Erotic Games For Couples

Truth Or Dare

Now, here is a game that has been around for decades. It is incorporated into relationship counseling, partner knowledge building, and yes, foreplay. Both men and women are turned on by gentle foreplay, which is where the Truth or Dare game comes into play.

While Truth or Dare can be incorporated in foreplay, it can also be extremely risky. What exactly does risky mean in this case? First, and foremost, some personal questions should be put aside when playing Truth or Dare. Save the deep, dark, and mysterious questions for another time when things are more serious. Not saying foreplay is not serious, but some questions are left better unsaid.


Twister is another popular erotic game. In fact, if you ask most couples who participate in sex games, they will admit Twister is their favorite. Twister is always a party favorite, as it is utilized as a form of entertainment for birthdays, stay-overs, and other celebratory events. Whatever the case may be, Twister is also a favorite form of sexual foreplay.

Twister can be played as a couple or group of couples. Trying to achieve the awkward positioning, required to win, can be a bit tricky. In the meantime, you are gently caressing and playing with your partner. This is a great way to get turned on before sexual relations. According to research, a gentle touch or caress boosts oxytocin levels in the body. Oxytocin is described by relationship experts as the “love hormone”.

Strip Poker

When it comes to games and foreplay, nothing says it better than strip poker. Which do you think is more exciting, poker when tokens, clothes, or real money are at stake? There is no doubt, your main goal is to get turned on and turn on your partner before sexual relations. So, it is strip poker.

While your goal is to boost your estrogen and testosterone, the key is to get your opponent in the buff. From here, the rest of the story is up to the couple.

Scavenger Hunt

Here is a game that is rarely incorporated into sexual foreplay. A scavenger hunt is utilized for fundraisings, family reunions, Halloween trickery, and summer camp events. What most couples do not know is scavenger hunt could make a wonderful erotic game.

However, to pull this off, you will need to be creative. At least, you must be creative enough to get your partner in a compromising position to where you can take advantage of him/her sexually.

The goal of an erotic scavenger hunt is to get your partner in the perfect position for sex. Now, this does not necessarily mean the hunt needs to end in the bedroom. No, it could end anywhere that is safe for having sexual relations without getting caught. That is unless you want to get caught.


It is perfectly okay to make up an erotic game for you and your partner. No special rules are needed, the only requirement is to get turned on.

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