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Tiffany Watson Shows Off Her Public Stroking Skills

Dirty and skinny Tiffany Watson is always up to something. And she is especially into the kinky stuff. One of Tiffany’s favorite things to do is to hit up her dad’s shop and turn everything into a big mess. Most importantly, she is all about public handjobs.

Of course, when dad is not around which happens very rarely.

That said, this one day, when Tiffany finds out his dad is not around, it’s time for play. One of his workers is still there, trying to get the task done as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that is something that will not really happen once he finds out who appeared around the corner. It is no other than his boss’ insanely hot daughter, Tiffany.

What now?

He knows he will have a hard time holding himself back and not attacking the fresh lady immediately. To his luck, it is Tiffany Watson who starts to seduce him and drive him crazy. Just when he is about to burst, Watson pulls her top down and reveals her tiny, perky and lovely boobs.

Those are perfect for cupping.

Needless to say, Tiffany’s tits do not stay all alone for long. She lets him grab them, squeeze them and cup them. After all, aren’t they perfect for cupping?

From then on, it all goes uphill. They are both getting hornier and hornier, enjoying their little secret meeting at the shop.

The strong worker keeps on playing with the boobies and does precisely how he is command by the bossy Tiffany Watson. He even gets a chance to lick her asshole and make her moan.

But the real fun begins when Tiffany finds out how hard his cock already is. Perfect to lube it up and start sliding her delicate hands up and down its length. Fist fucking that cock monster until he unloads a hot portion of cum all over her large glasses.

This Tiffany Watson handjob is out of this world, don’t you think?

However, will boss get mad when he finds out no work has been done yet?

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