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Tiffany Thompson Dreaming (And Fucking) About Her Boy Brandon

Tiffany Thompson woke up in the morning and her boy Brandon was not there in the bed with her. She misses him and she remembers his gentle touches, his tongue all over her vagina and him making love with her. She felt the morning horniness and just could not stop her hands from reaching her gentle spots. Thompson used her imagination to the fullest. She imagined Brandon right there with her helping her our. The video mixes Tiffany Thompson’s imagination (black and white) with reality (color). She was so strongly in her imagination that eventually Brandon really appeared in her room. Lucky her! I want to have such a strong imagination myself.
The dream now became a reality and Tiffany Thompson was more than happy having him with her. You know how it is when you wake up in the morning all horny and there is no one with you.
Brandon joins her in the bed and after a few welcome kisses he goes straight to the business.

Use your imagination like Tiffany Thompson does and you’ll enjoy yourself even more!

There, were her hands during her masturbation were, is now Brandon making her feel good and satisfied. She returns him the favor by giving him a nice head and making his cock hard as a rock.
The moment of grace is now becoming something bigger and something really passionate. Both, Tiffany Thompson and Brandon, are now ready for the next step. The morning horniness Tiffany was dealing with a few moments earlier now became a hot and intimate sex. How cool is that, first you are alone and then you are now.

I searched for Tiffany, but unfortunately I found that she was last performing in porn industry back in 2013. This girl is extremely hot and gorgeous and we sure will miss her work. Maybe in the next years Tiffany Thompson returns back to the Biz, maybe not.

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