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Syren De Mer Teaching Ava Sparxxx How Tor Turn A Guy On

Syren De Mer, the mom, Ava Sparxxx, the daughter, and a guy came home from Ava’s very successful soccer game and they are feeling tired. Syren feels all hot so she takes a shower to cool down and her daughter and her boy are off to the couch to chill. Ava is all sore and dead from the game, but she still has enough power to make love to her boyfriend. Just when she is about to properly start sucking his cock, Syren De Mer comes in and freaks out. One angry mom Syren is shutting both of their mouths and making them feel very frightened. She cools down and decides to give Ava Sparxxx a lesson how to turn a guy on. They were kinda shocked, but they did not ran away. They sit there while redhead mom is taking control of them. Mer shows Ava how to suck a guy’s dick properly and how to fuck his brain out. I am quite sure Ava Marxxx learned a lot from this lesson and so did we.
If some gave you a chance to get a threesome done with a girl a her hot mom, will you do it? This is kind of a silly questions, isn’t it?

Mini Syren De Mer Biography

Syren was born on June 24, 1969 in Bellingham, Washington, DC. Her birth name is Shannon L Pollock and from Bellingham she moved to a small town of Yakima where she grew up. She says she was a normal kid doing normal kid’s stuff and added LOL.
After she completed high school, she moved to Seattle where she attended Art Institute of Seattle. She graduated with a degree in photography. During the time she entered the modelling world. Before modelling Syren was working as a gymnast instructor. Over the years she was working for various companies trying to get her name out.
Syren De Mer married Andre Darque, a photographer, director, web designer, special effect artist, etc. etc. With a short description, she married a multi talented artist who is know also as Matt De Mer.
Later Mer found herself in gang bangs in the local swingers community. Besides gang bangs, she was working with various photographers creating her personal adult portfolio.
Back in 2005 Syren submitted her portfolio to Playboy. Unfortunately she got turned down, but luckily Seymore Butts saw her photos. He asked her to join his agency and she sure did not refuse the offer. Over time Seymore sold his agency to famous Lisa Ann, with who Syren was later working with. Through her agency Syren De Mer got many opportunities to working with some of the biggest companies in the porn industry.
Syren started performing in porn videos in her mid 30s, in 2006.
Mer is being a tattooed mother of two children and lives both in Seattle and Los Angeles.
For being a 44 year old MILF, shoe does not have any plans to retire.
She says, she will be there, making the sexiest and the most kick ass porn your will ever see.

Syren De Mer runs her official website and you can also find her on Twitter @SyrenDeMerXXX.

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