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Sweet Sinner – Exchange Student Anissa Kate And Marcus London

Sweet Sinner Anissa Kate is an exchange student living at Marcus London’s place and one day she found these pills Marcus is taking. That very moment when she is sniffing and figuring out what those pills are for Marcus gets in the room. He is pissed a little bit, but he does not want to treat Anissa bad. London’s and his wife’s marriage is not doing very good and it is obvious.

Kate knows about it, but she does not want Marcus to feel like he is alone, she wants to cheer him up. This hot, sexy, dark haired and big breasted sweet sinner, Anissa, touches Marcus and she slowly get closed. And closer. Until their lips join. This kiss and this kiss one more time and for several more times. Marcus immediately feel better and he does not need peels anymore. He throws them on the floor and let Anissa Kate heal him. I am not supporter of cheating, but in this case, in this video’s case, this is probably the best cure. And you know what I mean.

Being sexually active, or active in general is cure for many many things. Start working on this if you are not already.

Are you a sweet sinner?

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