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Stella Ann Went On A Sexy Easter Egg Hunt

I know what you will be looking for over the next couple of days, so we save you some of the hard work. Besides all the Easter eggs and sweets and other Easter stuff, I am sure you will look for Easter style of porn. Yes, no? It doesn’t really matter, here we are now and we have a super sexy and gorgeous bunny, Stella Ann, for you. She went on an Easter egg hunt and she found herself quite a few colorful eggs. At the end of her egg journey she found one big egg with flowers.
After a proper Easter egg hunt comes a proper fuck, isn’t this the rule? OK, it is not, but in this case is and you can play this rule with your partner. It’ll be fun.
Stella Ann wearing her sexy bunny costume and making out with her boy. He slowly undresses her cute white lingerie and gives her a little breast massage and kisses her silky skin. Then it is Stella’s turn. She gets him out of the clothes and offers him a nice bunny style blowjob. The later move on the couch and continue their Easter egg hunt fuck.
Why wasn’t Stella Ann wearing her sexy rabbit ears through the whole video? She should! Everything would look much cutter.

If this post is about Easter, do you remember Natalie Monroe’s Easter egg hunt?
And you should definitely enter’s Sexy Easter Hunt contest. They are giving away ten iPod Minis, so hurry up.

Stella Ann is one sexy ass Easter bunny!

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  1. Brent Muntly says:

    And then she found a shotgun and made a fireworks display with her brains! Poor Stella Ann! At least she still has a pussy and asshole to fuck. But I like Blowjobs, so I will just use the pieces of flesh I find on the boat and masturbate with them. But it is not the same. *sigh*

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