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Published on January 15th, 2019 | by LickIt


More Sex For All The Stay Up Late Women, Study Says

Dario Maestripieri from the University of Chicago made a study that gave him a pretty interesting result. All the women who stay up late will likely have more sex, but will probably end up single, unmarried. While on the other hand women who go to bed early and wake up early are more likely to end up in a relationship, but will have less sex.

Here comes the question, what do you prefer the most, relationship or more sex, fewer brain cells? That is up to you, but let me give you a hint – you need brain cells and with less sleep, you will start losing them.

Anyways, back to the study. In general men have a higher level of testosterone and cortisol than women. All the night-owls, or how article is describing them, have basically the same amount of cortisol as men. High levels of cortisol associated with stress, high energy and cognitive function. Usually successful people have more cortisol, researches showed.

What this all means is that stay-up late women, or night-owls, will have more sex, while morning-women will easily end up in a long-term and stable relationship.

Sounds kinda unreal and hard to believe.

Be a night-owl and have more sex, or be an early bird and have a solid relationship?

The “stay-up-late-problem” may have been part of the evolution, since our caveman ancestors get intimate after the kids went to bed. The was the only time of the day when adults were not bothered by kids and work.

But what about male night-owls? How much more sex are they having? It is being said that twice as much. I know this start making you think of becoming a night person, slow down now. Less sleeping causes brain damage, so think about it, whether you want to have more sex or healthy brain.
In my case, I like using my brain, all of them, so I will sleep and be an early person.

Full article is up on Evolutionary Psychology and it is free.


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