Published on May 21st, 2014 | by LickIt

Sonata Lingerie Photo Shoot BTS Featuring Yasmin Jobsz

Have you ever heard for UK based Sonata Lingerie before? I haven’t, but immediately when I saw this behind the scenes video from a photo shoot I got interested. Probably not because of the lingerie, well, also because of the lingerie, but must importantly because of Yasmin Jobsz. This girl is a pure gorgeous and I could watch an hour straight of this behind the scene. Wearing that sexy Sonata Lingerie is making her that much hotter. Get a break from all the porn stuff we have up here and enjoy in something not porn-ish.
I don’t know how many of you guys are wearing lingerie (hope not many!), but do check out Sonata Lingerie’s website. Maybe there is something up there you would really be into and you can buy it for your girl. If this will happen, tell here that you find out about Sonata via ICanLickIt. Show her our website and I am sure she will be setting it as her home page. Well hey, we are doing on a quality and we want girls to be part of it to. After all, we are all perverts, so why hiding it. They say porn is getting mainstream, so let’s all start acting like that.

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