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Solo Fun With Black Sex Toy By Alexis Crystal

There is simply no better way to start the day than with a smoking hot girl. In this case I mean in real life not on the world wide web. But you don’t always have a smoking hot girl with you in the mornings, or do you? Well, you are one lucky bastard if you have.
I don’t, so a good old solo fun with a nice black sex toy from sexy Alexis Crystal is something I am happy to be waking up to. This gal is pretty much a pro when it comes to teasing on the camera. And here cute face… Oh wow, isn’t her face just the cutest, especially when smiling?
I always enjoy watching girls like Alexis Crystal having fun with themselves more than a classic boy-girl porn scene. No exact reason why, I just find it more interesting and more, um… passionate? OK, I sounded like a girl right now, but hey, that’s the way it is with me. If you like only boy-girl hardcore scenes than be it.
Anyways, here is just a little something about the video where Alexis Crystal stars in. First she teases by slowly pealing of her bar and panties while constantly touching herself. Then she starts getting herself ready for the next step. She is bringing out the moist to prepare her vagina for inserting the black sex toy.
Enough words, enjoy the porn vid now.

Alexis Crystal bringing out the moist to be prepared for the black sex toy.

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