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Soccer Mom Janet Mason Knows How To Fuck Coach

Coach working on some strategies for his team while soccer mom, Janet Mason, comes in with a soccer ball to check what he is up to. A quick little conversation about the game, Janet passes him the ball and without much talking, she goes straight to action.

Busty redhead soccer mom is an experienced woman and she sure knows what she is doing. Janet Mason blows the coach and makes him chillax from all the soccer strategy ideas.

You know, when sometimes the ideas you have are not working, or you run out of them, try finding yourself an experienced girl to bring those ideas back. You need to chill down, you need to forget about everything and this is what Janet is the boss of.

Making guys forget about stuff and make them ready to start thinking freshly.

We need more Janet Masons, the soccer mom, out there!

Coach in return licks her juicy pussy and bangs her on the couch. They fuck and they bang and they enjoy it. Janet rides him and she exposes her ridiculously good bottom and offers him a nice boobjob.

The coach will soon be reborn a thinking wisely. I am sure the strategy he came up with after the fuck made his team win the game. Otherwise, soccer mom would need to go back to the work and make him reborn once again.

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