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Short Kama Sutra Guide

Kama Sutra is an old Indian Hindu word. “Kama” is just one of four goals of Hindu life, and it means sensual or sexual pleasure. “Sutra” literally means a thread or line that holds things together. Kama Sutra is not just a sex manual as we all think. It presents itself as a guide to a virtuous and gracious living that discusses the nature of love, family life and other aspects pertaining to pleasure oriented faculties of human life. Historians attribute Kama Sutra to be composed between 400 BCE and 200 CE. It has 1250 verses, distributed to 36 chapters.

Ok, that was a little something about history and meaning of the words, now comes the fun part.

In a video we have cute redhead Marie McCray, who will show you some of the sex poses with a tattooed guy. In addition you will get some useful advices what is important at any pose and on what you should pay attention.

Marie McCray was born on May 25, 1985 in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was working as a web model at the age of 16, but only lasted about 4 days before it was discovered that she was underage. Three days after she turned 18 she started with nude modelling. At the age of 22 she entered the porn industry.

I hope you will enjoy the video and try one of these Kama Sutra poses as soon as possible!

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