Published on April 21st, 2014 | by LickIt

Sexy Doctor Jada Stevens Should Be My Doctor

Next time when I will go and visit hospital I really hope there will be a sexy doctor like Jada Stevens there who will take a look at me. I just remembered how awesome it is laying down, being completely destroyed and there is a hot doctor checking you out. It did not happen many times, so I hope I will get lucky again next time. If there would be more sexy doctors like Jada out there, I am quite sure men (and women) would be at hospital all the time. We will be in pain all the time. But hey, enough with the jokes, I have been too many times in hospital and I hope I will never ever go there again. I want to be healthy god damn it, not making company to all those old farts.

I need a sexy doctor!

Instead of going to the hospital, I would rather play a game of doctors at home with a girl. That would be much better and much healthier.
You like playing sexy games, right? Well, this was kind of a silly question, wasn’t it? We all do like games and if you need an idea for a game, sexy doctor Jada Steven will give you a good example. If today is a public holiday in your country, you still have plenty of time to organize such a sexy game.

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