Published on July 1st, 2020 | by LickIt

Sexy Chick Knows Better Than Boys How To “Pick Up” Girls

This chick is really confident and knows well what she is doing! Girl is so sexy, if she would pick up me, I know I could not resist. You see, Andrea is so hot that even girls can not say NO. There is a lot of beautiful girls and they are all telling her their phone number.

Amazing! But I have to stop a little and tell you what I was thinking about! Where the fuck do I live?! I have not seen so many beautiful chicks in a month! In this video you will see a lot of hot babes in less than 4 minutes. Damn, I will have to move my ass out from this town and try to hit on girls in some other city!

Do you remember videos before this one, where guys were hitting on girls? Some of them were actually pretty good at it and others were a disaster! It is not all about how good looking you are! Often it is all about approach and right chosen words.

Here is a video of a “fat guy” (he is just wearing a fat suite), who will show you how to hit on girls properly! But still, I think today’s winner is the girl who pick up girls! Bravo, congratulations!

Now I understand! I have to get fat and than I can pick up some hot chicks!

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