Published on July 2nd, 2020 | by LickIt

Sexy Chick Dropped A Fart In Other Hot Chick’s Head

When I started to watch this video, I thought yeah, two sexy lesbians. Both have a great body, sexy, everything cool and I did not even think about what will happen. If you check out the title of the video it says “Lucky lesbian slave”.

At first sight I thought it will be some hot lesbian video, where one girl will play slave and others will be master. After a few minutes of watching the video I realize that they actually are playing master and slave and then came that awkward moment.

Master dropped a fart in a sexy slave’s head, more precisely mouth! I was like ok, it happens, it is only foreplay…

But after a few moments she dropped another fart!

She kept bombing her head with stinky farts for the whole video!


Later I started to think about, what the hell was she eating? You can not fart so many times in a row! That is impossible! Girl, you will really have to start eating something different, otherwise, you will not get a boyfriend or girlfriend! I know I would never have a girlfriend who is farting so much.

How about you? Have you ever tried that? Do you fart in front of your girlfriend/boyfriend?

I really hope that they got paid a lot for this video.

But hey, you know what old people say, “fart can help better than 9 doctors”.

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