Published on May 19th, 2015 | by LickIt

Sex Toy Or A Dog Toy? This Is A Hard Question!

So, have you ever wondered why a sex toy and a dog toy can be so similar? Me neither. But apparently this guys (sorry I don’t know your name) from CollegeHumor has. Is this making him kinda weird? Not from my point of view.
This one day he decided to bring up to his co-workers a game called “Sex Toy Or Dog Toy?” to see how knowledgeable they are. Some of the toys are actually hard to say either they are a toy for dogs or a toy for human beings. Just take the blue curved stick with balls at each ends for example. I would say it is a double penetrational but plug, but, if you think the same, you and I are both wrong. The rest are quite easy.
If you are too ashamed to go to a sex shop and buy yourself a sex toy to pleasure yourself, now you know that you can also get some naughty stuff at a dog shop. Delete the main purpose that it’s a dog toy and voila, you can have a toy for your personal pleasure.
But, for all to be on the safe side, go visit a sex shop instead and buy something proper and of high quality.

Sex toy or dog toy? Game on!


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