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Published on June 21st, 2020 | by LickIt


Sex Calculator – Find Out How Many Calories Your Burn During Sex

We see it in the news and on the web that sex is a very good exercise and if you look logically, it is, you are moving (and sweating) during it. But how many calories are you burning during sex? How good of an exercise it actually is?

Sex Calculator from UK online pharmacy UK Medix can answer your question. But we do not want just general information about burned calories, right?

We want details of the exact sex we just had with our partners.

Do not worry, they got you covered.

You can choose you gender, body type, position, style and duration and the Sex Calculator will count the burned calories. Yes, it is that simple, so go try it out and have some fun with it. Oh, and you can also share it Facebook, Twitter and G+, so everyone will know how active you are.

For example, a curved male that is having a fast and furious standing up sex for ten minutes burns 87.75 calories.

Lets try out another one. A skinny Minnie female is doing it in a cowgirl position with a frisky and fun style for 16-29 minutes. The result is, 71.4 burned calories.

How much of this is actually real I do not know, but it seems likes pretty decent results.

Try out Sex Calculator and find out how much calories are you burning having sex.

I am just wondering, what about age? Or in how good shape we are? I would definitely add these two categories to the Sex Calculator for making the best results possible.

Try it out now!


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