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Seth Dickens And Elizabeth Getting It Done The Hardcore Way

This really does not happen very often, that there is an actor’s full name in the title and only the first name of the actress. Usually, the name of the male actor is not even mentioned or in case it is, it is only the first name (or last name).
But it is Seth Dickens we are talking about, so no fooling around.

Elizabeth was feeling kinda alone on the bed and she was in need of a hard cock. To her luck, she had Dickens at her service and his long year of experiences.

Elizabeth is in her 30’s, but her body is still looking very athletic and very sexy. She needs a hard hand and Seth Dickens is there to pleasure her and to treat her like every woman should be treated. Before they step it up he licks and fingers her pink vagina and Elizabeth is enjoying it to the fullest. Later she gets on her need, bends over and Dickens fucks her doggy style.

The “older couple” fucks like teenagers with full of energy. There is also a little something for all you foot fetishists out there in here. In my opinion, just the right amount of it and it does make the video just a tiny bit fetish. I enjoyed it, I really did.

Seth Dickens Short Bio

Seth was born on January 11, 1971 in Minnesota. He started performing in the adult entertainment business in 2000 and stayed in the industry ever since.

To date Seth performed in more than 1,500 pornographic videos. With his passion for the business he proved himself as an amazing performer as well as a great production manager.

Besides acting, Seth worked as a production managed for Hunter Media studio and other.

Seth Dickens is a former sergeant of the Marine in the first battalion third marines. From being in the military business he later moved to telecommunication networking job.

Seth is staying in shape with underwater diving, running, Jiu Jutsu, boxing and other spots. We can see in the video, that he is still in a very good “condition.”

His personal quote: Life is Short. Live Hard!

(I will add this, hard in the right amount.)


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