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Serenity Byrd – Black & White Nude “Boudoir” Short Film

This is my rule: Better short and extremely quality than long and boring with poor quality. Simple rule, but it actually works. Try it out if you do not believe me.

Here we have a really good example of what I am talking about, made by Michael Richeson and starring blonde, short-haired Serenity Byrd. Michael gets big props from me, especially since this is his first attempt in this kind of film/video production. Really killed it and I am really looking forward to all your future projects and if you ever see us, feel free to send over your stuff, we will really appreciate it.

Now back to the video. Serenity Byrd dressed up in a white shirt and black underwear enjoying her alone time in the boudoir. No colors in here, only black and white, but this is what makes this nude video even better and more erotic. Michael wanted to showcase a beautiful and sensual tour of a female body and he did his job really well. And so did Serenity Byrd with her posing and her facial expression.

The final product is less than two minutes long, but it is worth for at least ten, if not half an hour.

A little about Serenity Byrd

Serenity is a 22-year-old model from Portland, Oregon. After doing more and more modeling she realized how much she loves it. She is a very spontaneous and goofy person and if you want to work with her, she guarantees you you will have a lot of fun with her. She will not make you only laugh, but together you will produce some high-quality shoots, cause she can get very professional.

She is always down to make some beautiful artwork, lingerie, artistic, fashion and pretty much anything. She is open for various stuff, just get to her with some amazing idea and you will definitely sort something out. She is also no stranger to pose nude, but as long as it is in an artistic manner. Do not go to wild with your ideas, but that does not mean fetish and latex and other costumes can’t be part of it.

If you think Serenity Byrd is the one you want to work with her next, contact her now.

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