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Sara Jay And Siri Like Sharing Ike’s Penis

Sara Jay and Siri came back home from the club and they are about to go to sleep, since they are both very tired and really need to rest. Sara fells a sleep very quickly, but on the other side of the bed, Siri is still awake. She actually waited for Sara Jay to fell a sleep so she can call her fucker from the club. Ike, the lover, has to be somewhere near, waiting for the call, so he can get to the spot as quickly as possibly. And he did, a few seconds after the call he is there, naked in the bed and Siri is blowing him. Yes, everything is literally happening so quick.

But Siri was a little two wild with giving a blowjob and woke Sara Jay up. Jay got surprised, but of course in a good way. Sara has this rule, whoever she finds in bed with her, she need to fuck him/her. And now you can slowly start guessing what will happen next. Yep, she joined Siri at blowjob and they together attacked Ike and drove him crazy.

Great to see a combination of older and younger curvy girl going all will and crazy for a cock.

I think I would get scared for a little bit if I would found myself in a Sara Jay bed.

Would you be with Sara Jay in bed?

Don’t forget, she fucks everyone who she finds in bed.

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