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Sadie Kennedy’s Oral Fixation Gets Her Way Out From Detention

Sadie Kennedy got found smoking in the ladies’ toilet and she was put in detention and it’s Marcus London who is in charge of her. Kennedy is being bored so she starts interrupting Marcus while he is ready newspaper. She’s playing drums with two pencils on a table and that’s what pisses Marcus off. He gets angry and he orders her to stop. Poor Sadie Kennedy is just being bored, but smoking inside a school is against the law, so she needs to deal with it. What Sadie needs is to get something put in her mouth, it’s called oral fixation she is dealing with. You know, when you constantly want to have something in you mouth, so you can chew and get yourself busy. Fortunately, to Kennedy’s luck, Marcus London has just the right thing he can put in her mouth. Now what is this one thing that London has and will keep Sadie busy and not bored anymore? The answer is very simple. It is his dick. Sexy and naughty pierced girl Kennedy attacks it and sticks it in her mouth so her oral fixation needs are satisfied. After a good old blowjob and after Sadie Kennedy being pleased, she rises up from her knees, sits on teacher’s desk and gets fucked.

Did Sadie get her way out from detention due to her oral fixation?
Since she has oral fixation, will she now be even naughtier, so she could spend more time in detention with Marcus? He has something soft for her that fits perfectly in her mouth.

A few words about Sadie Kennedy

Sadie is quite fresh to the porn industry and has been in the business for somewhere around nine months. Kennedy went to private school and grew up, how she call is, pretty sheltered, until high school. Then she started painting, writing and doing all sorts of art. She went to public high school and started living her live in a completely opposite way. She was breaking out and enjoying the life. In her high school years, Sadie Kennedy was a gymnast, a cheerleader and also played rugby.

Tiny Sadie Kennedy masturbates every day.

Sexy redhead lost her virginity when she was 13/14 and her anal virginity at the age of 15. She lost virginity to her older sister’s prom date (so young and already so naughty). Her anal virginity she lost to a guy who was “just” very into it, so she gave it a try.
Before she entered the porn business, she was doing some mainstream modelling. Since Sadie Kennedy is short, she could not do runways, but was doing a lot of avant garde pieces, but people usually did not pay her. Then at this hair shows she did some promotional work and ended up in a nude photo shoots just to make money. With time someone offered her doing a pornographic scene and since payment was very attractive, she gave it a try.
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