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Ryan Driller And Janice Griffith In “What You Wanted”

Thank god Ryan Driller is now launching Janice off a roof!

So, this is from the time before Janice Griffith was launched from the roof straight into the edge of a pool by Dan Bilzerian. Her leg is still OK in here and she is able to fuck and be gorgeous. Well, she is being gorgeous even with a broken leg.
This one time Janice let herself in Ryan Driller’s bedroom while he was asleep to surprise him.
She put on sheer stockings and white camisole and wore no panties.
She knocks on the door, but no one opens. He peaks inside and she finds him sleeping. Griffith is not slowing herself back and quickly climb on the bed and on top of Ryan Driller. She starts kissing him and teasing him and he wakes up in, what in my opinion, is the best way possible. Ryan isn’t thinking much, he turns Janice over and dips his two fingers straight into her juicy pussy while continuously kissing her.
Ryan Driller woke up horny and Janice is horny every since she thought about sneaking in his room.
They are both into stepping it up, so that now is Griffith on top of him in a 69 position. Janice rises up and offers every little piece of her vagina by “sitting” on Driller face. Driller knows how to drill and drills good, especially with his cock.
They then change positions and before the real action begins, Ryan shares a few more licks with her vagina and in with his cock he goes. Janice lying down spreading her legs while Ryan Driller is banging her in a nice and satisfying rhythm. After a few more moments they change position for the second time. This time Janice climbs on top of Driller in a reverse cowgirl position and starts moving her body up and down. They constantly change roles, once Ryan is moving his hips, once Janice and once they are doing it together.
This is not the end… Enjoy and see the ender for yourself.

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