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Rocco Siffredi Visited Nuru Massage LA And This Is What Happened

I was actually really waiting for this exclusive video from Nuru Massage LA featuring the one and only, the legend, Rocco Siffredi. Even if I am not the biggest fan of Rocco’s work (I really don’t like his rough style), I am posting this one up here. It has almost not roughness in it. I am sure if it will be the full length version, I will not be posting it up. We at ICanLickIt are no supporters of cheek slapping and stuff like that.

This Italian adult actor, Rocco Siffredi, recently took a trip to Los Angeles and just when he settled down, he heard about this place. This place that is called the Nuru Massage. He paid a visit at the blonde masseuse instantly got excited. Nuru Massage sure is a famous place and like she sad, it is even more famous now when he got there. Later her step sister got there joining them in the conversation. The girls started fighting, because both wanted to give Rocco Siffredi the slippery massage. Then Siffredi got an idea, what if he pays both and then both give him the massage. They agreed, he gave them two packs of money and there they are in the bathroom. At Nuru Massage everyone needs to get naked, so naked they got. Together they took a shower, later bath and at the end they were rubbing and connecting their bodies with help from Nuru gel. Of course, along the whole process they blow him and he bangs them anally.

I will not go in details, because you need to see it for yourself. It is hilarious how Rocco Siffredi is there explaining every next step they did during the massage. I really find this guy funny, I don’t know why, I just do.

Rocco Siffredi Bio

Rocco Antonio Tano was born May 4, 1964 in Artona, Abruzzo. He is an Italian pornographic actor, producer and director. He is known by his rough sex scenes. Rocco took his stage name Rocco Siffredi from a character from French gangster movie Borsalino named Roch Siffredi, played by Alain Delon. People are also describing him as Italian Stallion.

In 1984 Rocco met actor Gabriel Pontello in a French sex club. Gabriel introduced him to director Bicounet Michel Ricaud and producer Marc Dorcel. These were the guys who cast him in his first pornographic video in 1987 titled “Attention Fillettes.”
Siffredi than stepped away from acting and started working as a fashion model. After about two years he returned to help porn actress Teresa Orlowski.

He made a name for himself through his rough and extreme sex, anal sex, gonzo-style and ordinary sex. All this and his athletics constitution earned him the recognition. After teaming up with Evil Angel’s John Stagliano and later building his own studio in Budapest, Rocco Siffredi Produzioni, Rocco Siffredi became one of the most powerful personas in pornography. Stagliano commented, that he has more power than any other actor or actress in the industry.

Antonio is married to a Hungarian model Rosa Caracciolo. Together they have two sons, Lorenzo and Leonardo.

In 2004 Rocco Siffredi decided to retire from his adult career as actor. He did it for the sake of his children. Instead he focused his career on production and direction. His children were grown and they wanted to know more about his job. He just could not hide it anymore. But later, in 2009, the legend was back in the game. He talked to his wife about it and she sad, if you want to go back, just go back. And today we are posting this exclusive video he filmed for Nuru Massage.

To read more about Roco make your way over to his Wikipedia page. I just can not write more about him, because things his is famous for are making me sick, literally. So read it for yourself if you have balls.
But please, Do Not Do Stuff He Does In Real Life! I really mean this guys and girls. You can experiment in many different ways, just do not got to crazy.

This also got me thinking. If there would be only this kind of stuff on the web, I would sign under “Stop Porn Culture.” And I think many of you agree with me and would do the same. I think this really is not “cool” for the industry. Kids can get wild ideas.

If there need to be stuff like this on the web, at least make it as private as possible.

I would like to hear opinion about this from studios like Nubile and other “stylish” studios.

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