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Wicked Kamasutra With Two Big Guys – Riley Reid

Riley Reid is a young, wicked, porn star, who likes to go to the toilet as we all do… But she intentionally went thru the wrong door. And what was there? O man you really have to see this intro. It is hilarious!
She found two guys in a toilet – one is peeing and the other is taking a shit. But the funniest thing is that the poop guy is making so much noise! I have laughed so hard, I almost piss in my pants. It is like you would watch a comedy and not a porn movie. It was so funny, I had to watched it twice!
After that wicked and funny scene, she starts to sucking their big, black cocks! Damn, their dicks are really HUGE! After a good blowjob they fuck! But that is not just ordinary sex, with poses that you are used from other porno movies. Check out at the beginning when the action starts. Those poses really needs two guys if you want to perform them and that is what I like in this video so much! At the end our wicked Riley Reid gets two nice and warm portions of proteins directly in her mouth – and she swallowed!
I think she was not able to walk for next 3 days, because of the size of those black dicks. I do not know if I would like to see her doing anal or double with those cocks. She would go in half…

Mini biography of wicked Riley Reid:

Cute, tinny and small boobed Riley Reid was born on July 9, 1991 (damn, she is young!!) in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. She is also known as Riley Reed, Paige Riley and Molly. She started her adult movie career in 2011. She won every single XBIZ Award she was nominated for in 2014. You can also found her name on LA Weekly’s list called “10 Porn Stars Who Could Be The Next Jenna Jameson”. Let’s wait a little and we will see if she can be the next Jenna! But first I think she will have to enhance her boobs!




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