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Published on April 8th, 2018 | by LickIt


Rihanna Topless Covers French Magazine lui

We all like seeing celebrities wearing as less clothing as possible and only seeing them naked make us satisfied. That is just the way it is.
Earlier this month we saw Rihanna’s photos on the world wide web from a naked photo shoot. Today we are posting Rihanna topless from the cover of the French based magazine, lui. So much nakedness from Rihanna? Hell yes. All you who will get a chance to grab the copy of the magazine will get even more. Magazine includes more than ten pages of nude Rihanna pictures, taken by Mario Sorreti.
Rihanna posted her topless lui cover on Instagram, but just one hour later photo-sharing social media deleted the photo(s). Cover and a few other photos from the photo shoot got deleted because they violated their rules against nudity. Luckily, Twitter’s rules are not so harsh, we have a chance to see more Rihanna topless photos from the shoot. Even if you will never hold the magazine in you hands, you can now still check some of the photos that are featured in it. How cool is that?
Just scroll down and see them for yourself. I am quite sure they will make you horny and hungry for more.

Rihanna topless can (will) make you hard.

Her tan lines are making her even hotter.
That bum… it’s… it is just perfect.
Um… I am speechless right now.
Nice hat Rihanna. I think I am getting it myself.

Until now we never got a chance to see all Rihanna’s chest secrets. She wore see through dresses, but they were not showing all. The one (main) thing they were hiding and is now revealed is her nipple piercing.
Seeing all these Rihanna topless photos will make people go wild. We all know Rihanna was never shy to show a “little” more skin, but with the lui cover she shut “everyone’s” mouth.
Let’s face it, she is a natural beauty, so why being afraid of showing a “little” more.

Oh and they say pictures are worth more that one thousand words, right? If this is correct, I am now ending my more than six thousand words long post.
Take some of your time now and read carefully all the Rihanna topless photos.

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