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Remy Lacroix Looks Beautifull With So Much Cum On Her Face

Hot Remy Lacroix will not let you down! She has so sexy body, cute face and gorgeous ass! I always like to watch her videos.

At the beginning of this video she will first show you her sexy curves and small, natural boobs! You can notice that she really likes to flirt with a camera and she is doing it perfectly. I wonder how sexy would be if you would meet her and watch her in the eyes?!

I can tell you one thing. She really knows how to offer a proper blowjob! She is sucking a guy’s hard boner for more than 20 minutes! Damn, she is in shape!

I have read somewhere that girls are enjoying in blowjob only for 10 minutes. Everything over 10 minutes is torturing! Is that right girls? Sorry girls, I believe you would rather do something else, but it feels soo good!

At the end of the video, you will see total facial overload! Damn, that guy was not fucking for days! Probably he did not even jerk off! But I bet it felt good!

Short biography of Remy Lacroix:

Remy Lacroix was born on June 26, 1988 in San Francisco, California, USA. She started in adult film industry in December 2011. She worked for 6 months before announcing that she was leaving porn. But she came back to shooting in November 2012. Before that she was a specialty dancer whose performances included fire dancing, aerial skills and hula-hooping.

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