Published on May 22nd, 2020 | by LickIt

Princess Javel Is One Hell Of A Latin Princess

I just stumbled across this one and wow, it got me. Not it, she got me, Princess Javel got me and I could not even blink for four and a half minutes, because I did not want to miss anything. This Latin princess, or should I say, the goddess has such a crazy and incredible body. Almost no skinny girl can match her ridiculously curves. She is a natural (is she really all-natural?) beauty.

Princess Javel was born and raised in the South of the Bronx where she developed her love for music and dance. For two years she attend Syracuse University, but due to her dream she dropped out. Her dream was to become the first female Latin rapper. Not only music and dance she is good at, she is also a pro being half-naked in front of the camera teasing the whole world.

What a bob she is!

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