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Pornstar Interview: Nikki Knightly

We are excited to bring you an awesome interview with an even more awesome lady, Nikki Knightly.

This chick is something else! (WOW)

We chatted about all sorts of things that you may or may not know about her.

I’m sure you never knew what three things would Nikki invent? Or her absolute best $100 investment?

Let’s go straight to it.

Nikki Knightly Interview

1. What kind of girl was Nikki growing up?

I grew up a complete social butterfly who has always been fearless and lived life on the edge. The idea that I was invincible and could accomplish anything was true to me, regardless if it had been done or not.

My development of independence, along with my great curiosity about all the wonders in the world, resulted from this. I was always very adventurous, which naturally led to some questionable decision making in my parents’ eyes and a great deal of mayhem in my life.

Having some fun and causing trouble is what I love to do!

2. What made you decide to get into the adult industry? How has your life changed ever since joining the porn business?

It has always been easy for me to be sexually open and comfortable in my skin. My interest was piqued after receiving a few offers, so I decided to find out just what this porn business was about.

My sexuality has evolved since I entered the industry. Along with this, I have also discovered I’m most passionate about loving myself on a much deeper level than I originally thought.

Thus, I’m proud to affirm that I’ve learned to love and respect myself as well as know my true value and worth.

3. Do you remember which was the first adult film you have ever watched? How were you experiencing it?

It’s wonderful to reminisce, haha… My mind is racing over that one. Ahhhh!! It was after I found a porn DVD in my parents stuff that I got my first taste of porn…

The parents were not home, and I was just 13 years old. Since they weren’t home, I watched it, nothing too wild happened..but I had a realisation that day that I definitely was into Porn.

Over a period of two years, I watched it almost every day… A minimum of once a day, every day.

4. Do you have any fetishes?

A few fetishes… It’s great to be dominated!! Controlling and losing control and also taking control back and being the dominant one are my favorite experiences.

My favorite thing, though, is having sex with more than one man at a time… I also enjoy being manhandled.

5. What is the worst advice you see or hear given in porn?

I disagree with the advice to rush into some hardcore scenes so early in the career. One example is gangbangs or anal. A year would be a good amount of time to wait to try that…

I wish I hadn’t acted so quickly on what was wrongly suggested to me, and I should have waited longer before marking that off my list.

6. What do you wish you had known about porn business before becoming part of it?

It would have been helpful to me if I’d known that people do not necessarily have my best interests at heart before I got involved in the porn industry.

Especially true of jealous individuals. It is not uncommon for insecure people to react negatively when they see you succeeding.

7. What has become more important to you ever since joining the porn business and what has become less important?

Wow, such a good question!!! Let me think for a minute so I can give you the best answer possible….

So more important in my life since becoming heavily involved in the porn business is loving myself and trying to teach self love and being there for other girls in rhe industry.

What has become less important is caring about what others think of me? As well as letting haters and negativity spreaders get to me and affect my life and my opinion of myself.

8. Do you have a special ritual which helps you prepare your body and mind for shooting a scene?

Before shooting a scene I do a meditation with crystals and I do essential oils and a tarot reading.

9. What would be your fantasy fuck?

My fantasy fuck would have to be a group sex session with multiple porn stars haha.

10. 3 ridiculous things you would invent?

I would like to invent a cleaning supply line and medical / cosmetic supplies made from all natural ingredients. Such as essential oils, that have many benefits both emotionally and physically when it comes to changing the energy in your life…

I would also like to include the use of healing crystals as well as sacred geometry in my products. I would like to invent a dog leash that allows you to walk more than one dog without getting tangled up.

Lastly, an artificial intelligence make up applicator that does my makeup for me so I don’t have to spend all the time in the mirror!!

11. What is the best $100 investment you’ve made so far?

The best 100 dollar investment that I have ever made would have to be my phone!!

It’s so important for my work and to always have access and a high speed of connection and memory is very important to me.

12. Advice to your younger self?

Advice to my younger self would be to not care about anyone’s opinion and not allow haters to affect me but use them as a tool like motivation to be the best that I can be, I would also try to work on consistency and make a 5 year plan of what I want for the future…

Because I think when you plan things out it becomes easier to visualize how you want things to be and how you want your life to be.

13. Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?

In twenty years from now I see myself in control of porn industry’s elite and top production companies. Both for entertainment and also production.

I also see myself stacked with AVN awards, for both acting, as well as being a director. I would like to also mentor some new up and coming stars in the industry and help them know the ropes and guide them through.

It would be super cool to also have successfully launched the non profit I started called LIV, which stands for LIfe is valuable.

I just want to be there as support for people in the industry and in the homeless community, I want to start multiple support groups for the people in my industry and in my community (Los Angeles).

If you want to stay up to date, don’t miss checking Nikki on Only Fans, Many Vids, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.

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