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Published on April 30th, 2016 | by LickIt


3 Pornos For Your Dirty Weekend Delight – April 30th, 2016

Time flies when you are having fun with all this porn, doesn’t it? It’s already weekend and time to get your body juices flowing (you should do it everyday anyway) and get yourself ready for the party or whatever you have planned doing today and tomorrow. If you are an adventurous one, who knows what will happen in the next two, hopefully work-free days. This being said, you sure need to be prepared for everything, the bad and the good. You know me well enough by now to know what my complement will be. Here you go: there’s no better way than getting yourself ready for just about whatever other than by watching some good old porn.
Go on, experiment with free porn videos and enjoy watching two adorable lesbians going down on each other outdoors, Skin Diamond getting her client in serious trouble and vampire, Janice Griffith, catching herself a fresh prey. DELICIOUS.

No way can cute, adorable and shy looking girlfriends, Carmen Callaway and Diana Lee, hide their naughtiness, not attacking each other madly. Though Carmen should spend time behind the books, Diana is way too distracting by having fun in the pool, topless. This being said, Callaway decides to postpone her learning sessions and joins her friend for some lesbian fun. Oh wait, is this maybe a way how Carmen Callaway preps her body and mind for the boring Geography books? A way how to relax and get rid of all the tension, so the consumption of new informations gets done more effectively? If so, by all means, have lesbian fuck more often then!

If there’s one who you seriously should not fool with, it’s ebony goddess, Skin Diamond. I’m telling you, you’ll get in serious trouble, especially when cheating is involved.
She just found out that her client/fuck buddy is married. Knowing she does not tolerate cheating motherfuckers, he definitely won’t get away so easily. During their next Nuru Massage session Skin does not give away the same vibes as she normally does. But hey, who is there to blame her, she still does her duty and helps this dude’s cock reach a powerful explosion of cum. However, when they are done, Skin lets him know that their little fuck secret is over due to finding out that he’s married and is cheating on his wife. Need proof? She has it all on camera.

Vampires. Do they actually scare you? Let me ask you again. What if lady vampires would give incredible and super sloppy blowjobs and afterwards let you fuck them however you want? Not to mention, being incredibly hot. The scare factor is no more, right?
Vampire babe, Janice Griffith, is thirsty for male blood and there’s no better way to catching herself a fresh stud then seducing him with her incredible beauty. Of course, he does not know she’s a vampire, but who would care even after finding out? NOT ME. I’ll be happy to join her on the other side.

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