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Published on June 1st, 2015 | by LickIt


PinkBox – North America’s 1st Sex Toy Vending Machine

Are you one of those peeps that just don’t want to wait several days for the package to arrive at your door step? Is your sex toy completely destroyed and worn out and you immediately need a new one? Or you are just on the road to your loved one and you want to surprise him or her but forgot your sex toy? If so and if you are a North America resident or just happen to be there, PinkBox will have you covered. I am happy to share with you North America’s first ever sex toy vending machine. Yes, you heard it right. No more lost or forgotten sex toys and no more waiting.
Guys at PinkBox believe that providing good and open sex enhancement makes the world and your business a better place. So why not offering a sex toy vending machine? Maybe even at your business headquarters, replacing it with coffee machine. Actually, that would not be the best idea… or would be? I am sure production would increase, but I believe not business’ production.
Anyway, PinkBox accepts cash and all major cards and they say that people are fascinated by their concept. Plus, there’s a good chance you will gain a few extra visitors, since you don’t see a pink vending machine that sells sex toys very often.


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