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Published on January 2nd, 2023 | by LickIt


10 Best Skinny & Petite Pornstars (In 2023)

Are you searching for the best, hottest and sexiest skinny and petite pornstars?

I spent months conducting this collection with 1,000s of users through a survey that was running on ICanLickIt.

This is now the final selection – the ten of THE BEST skinny pornstars that you don’t want to miss in your life.

I also added links to their Twitter profiles so you can engage with them right away.

Enjoy getting kinky with slim chicks that go crazy for a hard cock!

10 Best Skinny & Petite Pornstars

10. Elsa Jean

elsa jean petite pornstar
Everyone knows who Elsa Jean is. If you say you don’t, you’re most likely lying. That’s because she’s one of the planet’s hottest and most sought-after porn stars.

Elsa’s a petite little blonde with a body that can make a dick hard from across the room. She’s been making porn since 2015 and she loves a good, hard fucking.

There’s no point in being a tiny girl like she happens to be if you can’t get picked up and thrown around by a big, strong man with a throbbing penis for her.

Don’t forget this petite pornstar on Twitter.

9. Gina Gerson

gina gerson skinny pornstar
Gina Gerson was born in Siberia and you can’t grow up in a cold place like that without it affecting you.

For this petite little girl, that means that she spent her early years hiding away in her warm bed with a sloppy puddle between her legs.

Gina started by touching herself on a cam and it wasn’t long before a talent scout reached out to her and offered her a chance to be in porn.

She jumped at it and her tight little body is now getting fucked all day and night.

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8. Jane Wilde

jane wilde skinny pornstar
Jane Wilde is a fiery brunette who’s been making porn since 2018 and loves every second of it. There’s nothing better for a New York City girl like her than attention and her body gets her more than enough.

She always needs to be the center of attention and her pussy is always fighting for it.

Jane makes porn because Jane needs to get laid and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Getting fucked is the best way to get the attention that she craves and her pussy is always open for business.

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7. Ember Snow

ember snow petite pornstar
Ember Snow is a petite Asian girl who loves taking it from behind and always seeks it out on camera.

She’s the kind of girl who feels better when she’s on her knees and no one ever complains about it.

Her dark hair and sexy eyes are all it takes to seduce anyone Ember wants. Then she just assumes the position and lets the other person do whatever they want to her back there.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman. She’s up for everything and her pussy always loves meeting new friends.

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6. Naomi Woods

naomi woods petite pornstar
Naomi Woods is a petite girl who stands at 5′ 5″ but is rarely on her feet. She was made to be on her knees and that’s where she wants to be.

Naomi was born in Florida and letting strangers use her body is just a part of life for her. She loves to be taken and filled with steamy semen on camera.

It turns her on to be watched and it’s no surprise. Naomi loves it when her body turns other people on and taking it in front of a group just makes her cum.

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5. Kenzie Reeves

kenzie reeves petite pornstar
Kenzie Reeves is the perfect girl for anyone who likes them young. This tight little blonde has the body and the face that can let you lose yourself in the fantasy of fucking a teenager.

She loves it, too.

That’s because she’s deeply addicted to watching porn. kenzie got into it in her teens and rubbed her pussy raw on a nightly basis.

That’s why she decided to start making it. She just needed to experience all of the things she was violating herself to in her bedroom.

Now Reeves gets to masturbate to her porn.

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4. Vina Sky

vina sky petite pornstar
Vina Sky is a petite little Asian girl with a perky set of perfect tits that no one can say no to. She’s gorgeously petite and men line up to slam their meat rods inside her.

That’s because her tiny little body looks like it could never take a fully erect penis inside it.

There’s nothing better than watching your cock disappear inside her tiny little hole.

This is one Asian who can satisfy all of your fantasies and you just have to lay your eyes on her naked body once to fall in love with her.

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3. Alex Grey

alex grey petite pornstar
Alex Grey is a girl who looks like a porn star and there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

From her pouty lips to her furry pussy, she was meant to get fucked on camera and that’s what she does. Her petite body is skinny and everyone wants to get inside it.

That’s why Alex has to offer herself up to both men and women and loves the different ways they make her cum.

Grey started off by fucking herself on cams but quickly got found and featured in her very first porn video.

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2. Lilly Lit

lilly lit skinny pornstar
Lilly Lit was born in 1995 and nothing turns her on more than the act of making a stranger cum to her petite body.

Her long blonde hair and tight figure are more than enough to make a dick start leaking precum. Then her tiny little tits come out and the rest is history.

The best thing about her, though, has to be her thick pussy lips. They look good enough to suck on for hours, and she’ll never ask you to stop.

Lilly loves sex and the sloppier it is, the harder Lilly’ll cum.

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1. Jasmine Grey

jasmine grey petite pornstar
Finally, there’s Jasmine Grey. This is a petite Asian with a skinny body and a tiny little set of tits that you just can’t stop thinking about at night.

Jasmine keeps her tight pussy totally bald so you can see every wrinkle on her short lips. It also makes it easier for the people fucking her on camera to find her clit.

Every single orgasm that she has is real and that’s why so many people love to cum with her. Sharing an orgasm with Jasmine is the most fun that anyone can have.

Don’t forget this petite pornstar on Twitter.

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