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Paula Lee Is Allowed To Touch And Lick Clover

Paula Lee is peeking behind the curtains while Clover is laying on the bed sleeping and dreaming some beautiful stuff. Lee does not ask for permission, she does not need one, because even if Lee is having such beautiful dreams, something way better will happen in real life. The 19 year old Paula Lee slowly gets to the bed and touches Clover. She quickly wakes up, but wakes up it pure enjoyment. Clover does not even move, she is enjoying in the moment of being touched softly and licked passionately. Brunette knows how to make her feel good and horny and vice versa. They both know how to get a women to an orgasm.

In return Clover licks Paula Lee and the action begins. Passion for each other is flowing around the place and it is literally coming out from our screens. You can actually feel it in your hearts.

Cute faces, amazing bodies and simply two extremely gorgeous women together making love to each other. If this Sunday morning is all cloudy and windy, this video will make it sunny and warm. Well, at least in your heads. Just feel it, feel the moment, feel these two and your day will start better than ever.

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