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Our Favorite Ballerina Annett

Sweet God! This ballerina Annett is an incredibly stretchy and flexible girl!

Always when I watch this kind of girls I am thinking about “I would like to fuck one day a girl like that. She would spread her legs wide and BAAM…” You know real good what I am talking about.

However, this post is about ballerina Annett. She is a beautiful, young ballet dancer and she loves to show her body naked in unnatural positions.
These are one of those MUST SEE videos.

The first video is artistic photo shooting and… no more words. See for yourself.

She is definitely not shy. Check out at 8:40 and you will see what I am talking about. Poor guy did not know what was going on in there. Pity.

In the next video, you can see how does her workout look like.

If you like classic music and ballet, then this video is perfect for you. I am really thinking about some ballet school…

She is driving me crazy! She is so fucking hot! Who would not stick it in that pussy?!?! C’mon seriously?!

If you want you can check out some more flexible girls, by all means, treat yourself right.


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2 Responses to Our Favorite Ballerina Annett

  1. Panos says:

    Dear Annett
    You are beautiful and perfect!!
    Thank you.
    I am a doctor.
    My e-mail is
    I wish I could touch your perfect body. I like the colour of your body.
    I am in love with you. I need you…
    Mr. Panos.

  2. Friedrich Schäfer says:

    You are a rare beautiful woman.
    it is a pity the videos are not better.
    dance a dying swan with original music
    and other classical ballet peaces.
    with admiration
    f.o. schäfer

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