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Nuru Massage – The Popular Asian Slippery Massage

You have probably already heard for Nuru Massage and saw some videos on the worldwide web about this ultra slippery massage. Let us talk about this incredible massage in details now.

About the Nuru Massage

Nuru is the Japanese word for slippery and it is a full body to body sensual massage between two naked individuals. To perform this massage you need to use a thick layer of this special massage gel called Nuru massage gel or simply Nuru gel. Nuru Massage is currently getting very popular all over the world and you might find it just around the corner of your street.

Nuru Massage Gel / Nuru Gel

The Nuru Gel is made from an extract of Nori deep water seaweed and is colorful, smooth, tasteless and super slippery. Gel does not stain the sheets or your garments and it is perfect massage gel, lubricant and skin moisturizer. It is cool and comfortable when applying it on skin. Nuru masseuse (usually a hot Asian girl) will cover your whole body, from head to toe, with this slippery gel. Masseuse will slide up and down and “around” with her hot body to rub it in your skin. The Nuru Massage is a great herbal treatment that is excellent for cellulite, slackened dermal tissue after pregnancy (yes, this is not massage only for men), intensive slimming treatment and connective tissue debility with water retention.

The Nuru Gel includes chamomile azulene (plus nori seaweed, aloe vera and grapefruit extracts) which increases the peripheral circulation of the skin, its flexibility. Also softness and restores healthiness to sensitive skin which suffers from irritation and inflammation.

These are some of the popular Nuru Gels: Bon Vital Naturale Massage Gel, Nurux Plus Shake, Mr. Nori’s Magic Gel Authentic and Original Nuru Gel for body to body massages.

Performing the Nuru Massage

First you need something to lay on during the massage. Usually they use an air mattress, but other soft things that will offer you to slide on should do good also. Use plastic materials and do not use materials that absorb, in this case, gel.

Get a large bowl for the Nuru Gel and a glass of warm water. You will be mixing these two together to get the right consistency.
Before using the gel, sink it into warm water for a few minutes so it reaches the desired temperature. Make sure the water is not too hot or the opposite, too cold.

Get a towel and place it where the head will be and put a few extra towels somewhere near the “action.” Set up the room with candles (use the one with aroma), make it darker and put on chill and relaxation music.

Before the Nuru Massage, get a long and warm shower or tub together and enjoy the warm-up. When you are done, do not dry off – that is very important. The wetter the more slippery.

Now is the time to take the gel out of the warm water and pour it into the bowl. Add small about of water to reach the desired consistency – like we sad previously. Person who is receiving massage lays down on mattress (or whatever you will use) and the masseuse pours gel over the body. Use hands to do it and do not use all at a time. Before jumping on the person receiving massage, slowly rub gel all over the body with your hands.

The time has come now. Climb on partners body and slowly slide up and down. It is not prohibited for the person receiving massage to not join you in the sliding process.

Have the most fun possible and if it gets to the next step, the step where the massage gets into… well, you know what I am trying to say. Just enjoy it to the fullest – you will not be disappointed.


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