Published on June 20th, 2020 | by LickIt

Nu Art BTS Photos Shoot With Anna Smirnova

I randomly search the web if there are any cool behind the scenes videos from photos shoots and I just found Anna Smirnova’s from Nu Art. Even if the main focus are photos at the end of the photoshoot, the video being made is usually a nice strip show. It just is that way and what is even better it is a not-meant-to-be-strip-show. What that means is that girs is just enjoying being photographed, while she is “secretly” being filmed. I do not know how much of this is being true, but I always enjoy “backstage” photo shoot videos.

Anna Smirnova is wearing sexy white lingerie with pink tunic. Soon she starts taking of her cloths, piece by piece, until she is fully naked, revealing all her secrets. I am little confused since the video is saying Nu Art and the person uploaded it is Lvg video, but it doesn’t actually matter. I will not post link to websites, because I do not want to make a mistake. If someone sees this posts and knows about people behind the video, feel free to share links to their websites.

I also did not find where the final products were posted (maybe they are still in the photo shop process), so until than enjoy Nu Art video above.

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