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Nothing Feels Better Than A Nice Shower Fuck

You know that saying, nothing feels better than a nice shower fuck? OK, I just made that up, there is no such saying out there, but you can still add it into your life.

It will definitely spice things up and if you and your partner never did it, surprise him/her today. Great feeling and good times are guaranteed.

Lets take this couple for a great example that spicing up your shower will make you feel better. Their bathroom is a little tight but I think this is what makes this shower fuck even better.

They kiss, they touch and they get really, really wet from the outside and the inside. Water dripping on their skin, passion, intimacy and love. Yes, I know, this is amazing and it’ll be even better if you and your partner are replacing them.

Start spicing your life up with a shower fuck!

Isn’t it funny, you are taking a shower and at the end, you will probably need to take another shower. Your body sure will be clean after this “next level” shower.

Don’t be boring, find new spots where to get laid and shower fuck is one of the easiest way to start.

(If you are living with others, there might be a problem, cause the hot water will be no more and the next in live to take a shower will definitely get pissed. But who cares, right?)

While we are already talking about having sex and water, read the Underwater Sex article we wrote a while ago.

Sex under the shower is definitely safer than having sex in a bath tub. Have this in mind, especially all you girls out there. Nothing will probably be wrong if you will do it every once in a while, but still, it is better to avoid it. You do not get infected.

Always have safe and clean sex!

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