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Nirvana – Girls

Hey folks! Did you hear about this song last year (2013)? If you have not, here it is again.
Nirvana – girls is basically a remix of Nirvana’s song Smells like teen spirit. The remix was made by a DJ Dima house. We can say, it is not bad at all! Beat is really catchy and it goes well in your ears. It is not all the point about the song, but it is also about the video! There is a plenty of girls, who are having a party, drinking, dancing, and wearing more or less almost nothing. Blondes, blacks, in thongs, hot panties, topless (unfortunately censored that topless part), and many more you will find in this video. I bet you will like this, if you are open for some remix music and hot babes!
Is this music and video too fast for you? Would you like to see it a little slower, and maybe a little different song – little slower?
Here you can check out the same video, only it is in slow motion. I like this one too! You can see easily what is going on with all the girls. Really smooth. Check it out! And if you are interested about the song, it is Kid Cudi – Pursuit of happiness – Girls Dj Dima House (slow).

Ok, and if we are at Nirvana let’s tell something short about them. Nirvana was an American rock/grunge band. The head of the band was Kurt Cobain (guitarist and singer). There was also Dave Grohl (drummer) – later founder of the band Foo Fighters, and Krist Novoselic (bassist), who was a co-founder of the band Nirvana. Nirvana was on the scene since 1987 – 1994. Everything ended so fast with the death of the leader Kurt Cobain. On their path they released 3 albums and the biggest unexpected success was the song “smells like teen spirits”, from their second album.
Shortly that would be it. What more to say? Great band and good music!

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