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Nicole Malice Is A Professional Matchmaker

“Do you want to have unprotected sex on this desk? OK.” That’s the response Nicole Malice provide on a question her customer gave, while seeking for his perfect girl.

No lets get to the beginning of the video. A guy gets to the matchmaking agency to work something out with his ex-girlfriend, but since she has no interests, he decides to give it a try and find her perfect girl. There is no such girls as he describes, well, if there are, I hope they are already looking for help, cause this is no good. But hey, this is only video, so lets make things as absurd as possible. Nicole Malice happens to be at the office, but she has no such girl on her list. Customer has another idea, why not hooking him up with the employee and yes, this employee is Malice. She does not complain and she is no stranger to having unprotected sex on her office desk. At least this guy managed to get someone for a fuck.

Here is the deal. I like this scene a freaking lot, the story, the idea, the quality, everything. And Nicole Malice is freaking hot and all those tattoos and piercings are making her such a badass. But one thing really bothered me, so yes, I will mention it. The spitting. But not spitting on vagina, or penis, no. Spitting directly in mouth – God damn it, this is freaking disgusting. I really do not know who finds this sexy and erotic. I do not. It is great I do not see this thing to often, because I would probably start puking and would with pornographic videos.

But lets see the bright side of this video, this is “only” one things that actually bothered me. Maybe you are fine with it, I do not know, but one more time, I am not.

Nicole Malice is hot and that’s what matters.

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