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Published on April 6th, 2015 | by LickIt


New Madonna Censored Photo On Instagram

Whoever is following Madonna on Instagram got a nice little treat on Friday and a nice start of the Easter weekend. It was this censored new Madonna photo that was posted on her account with caption: “Why is it ok to show ass but not breasts? Drowning in the hypocrisy of social media.” To refresh our memories, Madonna appeared topless in the Italian Vogue magazine last year and was banned from 2014 Met Ball due to her white duct tape dress.
Well, this 56 year old lady sure does like showing her body and this new Madonna photo is another good proof. This will probably be a never ending debate, why some social media is open to nudity and some isn’t? Why can there be pretty much everything you can imagine on Twitter, but if a single nipple slips out on Instagram it gets banned? I am not saying that Instagram should allow all the hardcore stuff, but some artistic nudity should definitely not be a problem.
The thing is, in the era of internet everything is available pretty much for free. Let it be a 13 year old kid, or a 63 old grandma, everyone already saw everything. Nips, cocks, vaginas, anal porn, BDSM, etc. Why hiding all this, when we can freely and openly talk about it. I believe world would be much brighter with an open minded people. A little bit of nudity never hurt.

New Madonna photo protests censorship on photo sharing platform, Instagram.

Come on Instagram, it is time for a change and I think 2015 is the right year.

One compliment I have: At least this new Madonna photo could be of better quality. Having in mind that she is 56, she has one seriously amazing body.


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