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Top 15 Naughty Adult Games That Will Ignite Your Evenings

Making love is nice, but who has never been afraid of routine?

And yet, it will settle down after a while if nothing changes and if you don’t bring a little spice to your sex life. So, if you want to break this routine and impress your partner, here are some naughty games ideas to have fun, ignite your evenings and your antics.

With these erotic games, you will no longer lack ideas and your intimate relationships will be more than steamy.

Making love is nice, but who has never been afraid of routine?

So if you’d like to play sexy and naughty games and if you want to bring a little fantasy to your couple, these 15 naughty games below will satisfy you.

#1 Role-Playing Game

Role-playing games are a classic, but they are always the rage with couples who are looking for an original game.

For this game, you must take on a role that makes your partner fantasize and during the game, don’t hesitate to play the situation to excite him (or her) to the maximum. For this game, simply dare.

To play this naughty Role-Playing game, there are a multitude of very sexy roles and disguises. Here are some optional ideas:

1. Student (Female) and teacher (Male): For this game, the demanding teacher asks his student to do an exercise. If she doesn’t finish it, she will have a punishment (spanking or other sexy reprimand). Otherwise, get into “the shoes of an authoritarian teacher” who asks his student to respect all his wishes in exchange for a good reward. With this game, if school wasn’t “your cup of tea”, that could change, right?

2. The policeman and his prisoner: Here is a disguise that makes more than one fantasize. So if you’d like to have all the powers, put on your costume and ask your prisoner for anything you want. If she obeys you, she will be released. Besides, to bring a little realism to your scene, don’t forget the famous handcuffs.

3. The Boss and his secretary: among the naughty games, this role-playing game is another great classic. Here, the boss uses his power and authority to get everything he wants from his secretary in exchange for a promotion. By the way, if you have an office, consider using it so that your secretary can go over or under according to your request.

4. The fireman and the woman in danger: Manly guy and ready to do anything to save his victim. Put on your costume, you will do everything to rescue your woman in danger. You will take her in your arms to save her, reassure her and do everything to put out the fire that burn in her.

5. The stripper and her client: Here we change the roles; it is the woman who leads the scene. Here you are the customer who wants to relax after a hard day. To satisfy you, your partner dressed in very naughty outfit will put your favorite sexy music in the background and will start her show dancing sensually until there is no more clothing on it.

These role-playing ideas are not the only ones. You can also dress up as a doctor/patient or patient/nurse, a cheerleader/soccer player or a masseuse/client. Choose the roles you want, get into your character and set up an ultra-naughty scenario.

#2 Magic Dice Game

Magic Dice game will allow you and your partner to let go. The principle is very simple: you will perform actions in specific places while being guided by the dice. Here’s how to play:

1. Take a pen, a sheet, one or two dice.

2. On the sheet of paper, create two lists.

3. number from 1 to 6.

4. On the second, indicate six sensitive parts of the body: sex, breast, lips, neck … also classified from 1 to 6.

5. Roll the dice to find out what action you should take on your partner.

Before you start your game, determine the maximum number of dice thrown. Otherwise, the game is likely to last and you will probably have better things to do in the evening.

Magic Dice game is both fun and delicious. It’s a great classic, but one that is still very much appreciated. It makes it possible to raise the temperature and the excitation before taking action. So don’t forget to always have a pair of dice in your room.

#3 Tastes and Flavors Game

Do you want a naughty game that explores different senses such as touch, smell and taste? Here is the game of tastes and flavors, a game that will make your mouth water. However, don’t forget to do some shopping in advance.

To play this game, blindfold your partner and let him (or her) taste several foods such as chocolate, a fruit, a spice, a candy, honey … To make your partner taste, you can use your hand, but give him (or her) with your mouth is much more exciting, don’t you think?

If your partner doesn’t give the right answer, then will have to eat the food on a plate, but if he (or she) answers correctly he will have to eat it on a part of your body that you have chosen. Good tasting.

#4 Strip Poker

Among the famous naughty adult games, there is of course strip poker.

Very popular, this game requires knowing how to play poker, but here you don’t bet money, but clothes. The goal is that your partner has nothing left on their back. So if you know how to bet and bluff, go for it.

To play strip poker is very simple. You and your partner should wear the same number of clothes. Once dressed, start a game of classic poker and each game the loser must take off a piece of clothing (he chooses it). The strip poker game ends when one of the two players is completely naked.

Either way, with strip poker, you will always be a winner. In fact, if you’re winner, you won’t be able to remain insensitive to the naked body of your partner and if you’re loser, there is a good chance that naughty ideas also come to mind of your partner.

If you do not know how to play poker or if this game doesn’t tempt you, you can choose for a sexy game of 1000 terminals, UNO or other.

#5 Playing Cards Game that Decides

Do you like playing cards? Here is a game that you should like: the card game that decides.

If you want to play a quick game, take only 13 cards (series of clubs, diamonds, spades or hearts), but if you want to continue, take 52 cards. For this game, each card corresponds to an action that you have imagined. So be creative and let yourself go.

Here are some ideas:

2: Massage the shoulders.
3: Chew the buttocks.naughty poker games
4: Massage the foot.
5: Massage the head.
6: Lick the belly.
7: Kiss languidly.
8: Lick the breasts.
9: Suck the finger.
Jack: Lick your mouth.
Queen: Kiss the neck.
King: Caress the private parts.
Ace: your partner chooses another card.

Of course, these are just ideas for action. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be hotter or softer.

To play this game, here are the instructions:

1. Choose the actions for each card.
2. Draw a card to find out what action to take.
3. The game ends when there are no more cards to choose from.

#6 10-Questions Game

Here is an original game that requires imagination: that of the 10 questions. Here, you have to guess in 10 questions what your partner wants.

To start, your partner must imagine a place he (or she) likes and where he (or she) would like to take you.

Once chosen, ask your partner 10 questions to discover this famous place. But beware, your partner should only answer your questions with Yes or No. So be sure to choose suitable questions so that you can answer them.

As soon as you have guessed the place, your partner will have to imagine an action that he (or she) would like to accomplish with you. Again, your goal will be to guess what is this famous action by asking 10 questions whose answer can be either YES or NO.

Did you find everything? Take action now!

#7 Truth or Dare Questions Game

There is no shortage of naughty adult games and among the most famous, there is truth and dare questions game with hot and sexy version – an ultra-fun game.

In the sex version, everything is allowed and during the game, you can reveal your most intimate fantasies, desires and secrets. Take advantage of the game to reveal yourself and find out more about your partner, girlfriend or wife.

To play Truth & Dare Questions Sexy Version game, the objective is to tell or do to your partner what you have never dared before. So imagine hot-dare and rather embarrassing questions.

For example:
– Have you ever bought a sex toy?
– Have you ever simulated?
– Have you ever fantasized about a threesome sex?

– Kiss me languidly.
– Take off your top (or bottom depending on your preferences).

Again, these are just suggestions. It’s up to you if you want to ask questions and ask for very embarrassing actions or not. Besides, pay attention to the questions, because some could offend you.

And if your partner refuses to answer you or take action, give him (or her) a pledge.

#8 A Multiple Choice Game

Here is an ideal game if you dare not say the things you would like to do in intimacy to your spouse: A multiple choice game. Here, the goal is not to put pressure, but to communicate your turn on your desires.

If this game tempts you, here are the rules. You and your partner should list three practices that you would like to try with each other. Don’t be complex, let yourself go, say clearly what you want and don’t be afraid to express your desire to test new things. In a few words, be open-minded.

Once your lists are established, exchange them. You will know your partner’s wishes and he (or she) will know yours. This will allow you to know how to please the other and you will thus know if you wish to implement the practices dreamed of your spouse.

#9 Conquer Sex Toys Game

Who says about naughty sex games, necessarily says sex toys, right?

The game of sex toys is very fun and looks like a real game of hide and see. To play it, start buying sex toys, finally full of naughty accessories and hide them everywhere at home.

As you can imagine, the goal is for your boyfriend (or girlfriend) to find them one after the other. Of course, finding them is too simple and wouldn’t be of much interest. After finding them, your partner should use them on you.

With this game, the excitement will be at its peak for him (or her) and for you, that’s for sure.

When buying your sex toys, don’t hesitate to take different ones (size, shape…) and buy what you like, but don’t forget, the more you buy, the hotter your evening will be. By varying the sex toys, you can also have fun on several levels.

As soon as your partner has found all of the hidden sex toys, he (or she) becomes yours. A role your partner should like.

#10 Tell The Truth About Your Body Game

If you are used to writing your desires on a sheet of paper, how about expressing them directly on the body of your spouse?

To do this, think about your desires and once found, write them on the back of your partner while not saying a word. The goal is that the latter guesses what you have written. To make it easier, it is best to write short sentences.

Your partner must try to find at least three words and if he (she) doesn’t, give him (or her) a pledge.

#11 The Sensual Stories Game

The goal of this naughty adult game is to get to know you better. To play a sensual story game, you and your partner need to make a list of six sentences. As soon as you’ve written them, compare them.

Here are some sentence ideas:

1. The first thing that touched me the most was …
2. The quality I like most about you is…
3. For me, your worst flaw is…
4. My favorite time to make love is…
5. While we’re having sex, I wish we could do more…
6. The sexual experience I would like to have with you is…

If you have any further questions, please feel free to register them. The goal is for you to be sincere.

#12 The erotic game to do over several days

Is Valentine’s Day upcoming? Is your spouse’s birthday upcoming? Unfortunately, you don’t know what gift to give her. Why not offer her something original like vouchers? Free and unusual, this game is sure to please.

Here’s how to do it: prepare several vouchers and put them in an envelope. On these vouchers, write down several actions that your partner can ask you as soon as they feel like it. The sentences to write can be:

1. Good to make love to me in 10 minutes.
2. Good for handcuffing me tonight.
3. Good for a threesome.
4. Good for making your favorite position.

This game is very pleasant, fun and sometimes, the good ones have nice surprises. And if you can, don’t hesitate to take out a voucher at an unexpected time to further surprise your partner.

So if you haven’t known what gift to give to your spouse yet? Now you know it.

#13 Basketball Game

Do you like basketball and want to introduce your partner to this game?

Start a game, but in a hot version. To play the sexy version basketball hoop, take a basket (trash can), take a sheet of paper, crumple it up and form it into a ball. Put yourself at a suitable distance from the basket and as for a normal basketball game, try to put your ball of paper in the basket. Throw it away one after the other and as soon as one of you manages to put the ball in the basket, the other must take off a piece of clothing. If your partner strips off first, you win and if you take your clothes off first, your partner wins the game.

After your basketball game, all you have to do is ended your evening in style.

#14 The Ultra Sexy Twister Game

Who has never heard of the Twister, this game appreciated by young and old and which promises you original and original positions? So if you have this game at the back of a closet, take it out and turn it into a sexy game. For this, the rules are the same as the classic game with one difference: you are completely naked.

During the game, complete the requested positions and take the opportunity to touch, kiss and even caress you. If the game is long, you can either continue or stop it, it will depend on you and your level of excitement.

#15 Think of the Applications Game

After discovering some naughty adult game ideas, here are some ideal apps to spend a naughty and sizzling evening.

The first is Sexopoly app, a simple to use application, the dominant color of which is light purple. Sexopoly is ergonomic and with this application, nothing prevents you from adding other players if you want to play with others.

Otherwise, Sexopoly offers you several very erotic games:

1. A modern Dare or Truth that will give you very hot action ideas. As for the classic game, you will have to brilliantly carry out the proposed action and answer the question sincerely.
2. The magic dice that you will propose several actions to perform on certain body parts: feet licking, kissing your partner’s lips can be requested.
3. The Kamasutra Jackpot which will ask you for an erotic position to perform with your partner.
4. A naughty challenge to execute. You are allowed three wild cards during the game.
Sexopoly is a completely free application.

Sex Roulette is another naughty game available on smartphone that will allow you to spend a frenzied evening with your partner.

In addition to bringing a little spice to your sex life, this game will allow you to better know your respective fantasies.

As the name suggests, this game consists of a roulette wheel and five other hot games. Roulette will assign you truths and actions and the five games offered are:

1. The Kamasutra Jackpot to perform naughty actions.
2. The Fantasy Card which will ask you either for an action to be carried out with your partner or for a truth.
3. The Naughty Truths which consist in answering the question asked with sincerity and honesty.
4. The Naughty Gift that will ask you to write a gift on a piece of paper and you will have to wait a month to open it.
5. The Naughty Tasks that require you to carry out a mission. You will be allocated three wild cards at the start of the game in case you do not wish to complete it.

Free application, this application will make you have a great time and your evenings can only be wild.

Final Thoughts

With these 15 naughty adult games, you now know how to occupy your evenings, right? Ideal for energizing your sex life, these naughty games will also allow you to have fun and rekindle the flame between you.

These games will also make you happy and also give it to the person with whom you spend the night. You will also be able to discover your spouse from a new angle and have a great time.
These naughty games will also allow you to have a stronger connection between you and your partner. So, let yourself go, highlight your creative and erotic side and get started.
Besides, don’t hesitate to try several naughty games from this list to spice up your sex life even more.

Have fun and have a good evening.

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