Published on June 28th, 2020 | by LickIt

Natalie Monroe Had A Really Successful Easter Egg Hunt

Do you know we will be eating lots and lots of eggs next weekend? It is Easter time next Sunday, if you forgot, time of rabbits, eggs, sweets and rabbit fucks. Natalie Monroe decided to go on an Easter egg hunt a week earlier. Since the hunt was very successful she earned herself a nice fuck. Those ears and that nice and sexy not-rabbit-like outfit is making her a naughty naked, um…, rabbit?

Just in time of making her eggs ready, two natural eggs appeared in the back. They start grabbing her and kneading those perky tits. Natalie Monroe continues her Easter spirit the natural, human way. They play on the table with sweet eggs. Well, her guy is playing with them and eating them from her smooth skin. No eggs for Natalie? I am sure he made her sad, just that she does not show it on the outside. I would get mad if I would not get any sweet eggs in sexy foreplay like these two are having. I really would!

After their bodies are warmed up and after some nice pleasuring from both, the move to the couch. They…, they are not fucking like rabbits, like the original title is saying. They are doing it more passionately. Nothing similar to rabbit fuck. If these two would fuck like rabbits, that couch is pretty much dead.

How hot is sexy “rabbit” Natalie Monroe (from 1 to 5)?

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