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Published on November 15th, 2021 | by LickIt


My First Ever Glory Hole Party Story

It was in the month of February, when my group of friends, which also includes my girlfriend, were going on about how they would like to spend Valentine’s Day this year? Some of those suggestions included going to a lakeside cottage, movies, group dates to the park or throwing a Valentine’s themed dinner/party. Although we were still confused on which one was the better idea, one of my friend’s suggested going to a BDSM club that’s throwing a Glory hole gangbang party.

The silence that prevailed after it was deafening. It felt like everyone was going through their reveries. Seeing as not one person disagreed or declined the offer, my friend carried on and said he heard they’re introducing a new sex toy called ‘glory hole’ to the market and would love to have volunteers from the audience to try it out. Also, the general public and VIPs were allowed to come and watch but only through strong references. Also, mentioning that the host was one of his acquaintances, indicating we could get a free pass.

That’s when I gave it a thought and realized it was something I only saw during my porn session. Even though I’ve tried convincing my girlfriend to try some of the things we see on the web, she never gave in. Maybe this was the moment I can change her mind. Before she could refuse I agreed and after a while the whole group was in on it too.

The Gangbang Party Day

It wasn’t until we were in the dark lit hall that everything I imagined came to life. The black rooms with red neon lights, long silk curtains, a gallery with bed-like sofas, and a big round stage in the center of the hall. Rich VIPs sat across the hall in gold plated Beds with half-naked girls serving champagne and ensuring they had a ‘good time’. When everyone was seated the lights turned completely off and the spotlight was turned on the center stage. The host exchanged pleasantries and welcomed everyone to the party and called it ‘‘Nuit Sauvage’ (Wild Night)

After a while, a violinist started playing a sensuous sound and the curtains were lifted displaying a gorgeous blonde naked, bound, tied, and sprawled against a soft fabric barrier that separated her from the Dominant that stood behind her. A voice came from behind introducing us to a portable glory hole gangbang party. It wasn’t until he said that word that almost 10 bulky men came on the stage ready to ravish the young petite blonde that had absolutely no way of running. The red glory hole had a hole at the very end to accommodate the penis of the Dominant man in sliding inside both the holes. As soon as he slid in, all the other men were on the woman instantly. Some were busy getting a blowjob while others were finding their own ways of pleasures. We were all transfixed. Seeing it in real life, I can undoubtedly say never have I been so hard in my life. Not only was me, my girlfriend breathing heavily watching the scene unfold in front of her eyes. She looked at me and I knew exactly what she wanted.

Living the Night Away with the best Glory Hole Memory

I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste. As soon as the BDSM play was over and they asked if anyone wanted to voluntarily try it out themselves, you can bet I raised my hand and took my girlfriend to the stage while my entire group hooted from the back. I knew my girlfriend was shy as hell, so I did exactly what the Dom before us did. I blindfolded my girlfriend and told her to pretend like there’s no one but us. We were going to make the best out of the glory hole sex night. The music started and so did I. The feeling of being exhibited in front of everyone, and yet still being anonymous fueled my hunger to the extreme. At this point my confidence and also the way my girlfriend responded gave new heights to my confidence. The room was filled with our smell and I couldn’t help but feel proud. At that moment I knew these new popular glory holes would be my undoing. I’ve never felt more alive, confident, seductive, and not to mention so hard. The night ended with everyone in each other’s arms cherishing and taking in the essence of both love and lust. That’s when we knew that the following morning would become the best Valentine’s Day memory of our lives.


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